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First name:  Tracy
Lite Chat Screen name:  bgbyrd
Location:  Toronto, Ontario…….I AM CANADIAN!!!!!
Family:  Not married, but I have 3 fairy godchildren, Shannon (17), Katie (17), and Devon (15)
Pets:  None
Favorite BSB:  I love them all, but on the B&B tour Nick has definitely moved to the top of my list!!
Favorite BSB song:  More Than That, Get Another Boyfriend, and It’s Gotta Be You
Ever had a BSB encounter?:  Several almost encounters….I was 15 feet away from Nick, Brian, and Howie when they were in Toronto filming the BK commercial.  I was a  seat filler at the 2000 Juno Awards and almost got to sit right behind AJ and Howie.  Way back in 1994 I almost had them perform at a dance I was running.  So many “almost”… I am still praying for a close encounter!
Anything else you'd like us to know about you?:  I am so thankful to have met all of the Lite girlies (and Ross).  I have finally found some people who share similar passions (BSB) and problems too.  You are the greatest MADSEXY group ever!  I know we will have a great success!  Love Ya!

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