Lite Girls DO ORLANDO!! from Left to Right:
Liz, Missy, Deb, ME, Emma, Tonya & Kathy!
Hi!! My name is Selena, But everyone calls me KAOS!!
My ScreenNames: giddyupkaos
I am married to Bill and have been for 15 years. He is an Aerospace Hydraulics Engineer and I am an Office Manager for a Paper Converting Plant.
I have no children, but do have 2 dogs and 1 cat. Thor, Jax and Neko!
I live in LakeLand, TN
My favorite BOY is Nick Carter. He totally BLOWS me away with his Smile, His Voice, His EVERYTHING!! :)
My favorite BSB song: No One Else Comes Close & All I have to Give..
I met the Most AWESOME Lite girls in Dallas, and in ORLANDO!! Nothing like sharing a WHOLE weekend with LITE FRIENDS! Laughter rings in the AIR!!

On November 1st, 2002 Kathy and I met Nick Carter here in Memphis TN...It was just the best day EVERRRR!! Read our Encounter

I am 38 years old and have lost approx. 50 pounds since starting Backstreet Lite, but I still have about 55 to GO!

SPECIAL HUGS to the 4 girls who started this GROUP with ME....KEL..DEB..EMMA and JEN & To our WeBmistress KEllyE for ALWAYS working so HARD FOR US!!