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First name: Peggy
Lite Chat Screen name: DaPegster
Location: Trenton, NJ (formerly Milwaukee, WI...forever a cheesehead)
Family: I'm not married and have no kids (but I'm ready if anyone wants to set me up on a date or anything!) My family consists of my Dad who lives in Arkansas & my brother & family who live back in Wisconsin. My two roomies Tom & Lynn are my "family" here in Jersey. They are the greatest people I have ever known!!
Pets: Brownie (Lhasa Apso), Ginger (Cocker Spaniel) & Magnus (Chow/Shepherd mix) we call him PITA bread (PITA=pain in the a**) but we love him. Dogs are the best!
Fave BSB: THEE most gorgeous man on the planet..KEVIN RICHARDSON
Fave BSB songs: All I Have to Give, I Want It That Way, More Than That Ever had a BSB encounter: YES...FEBRUARY 9, 2001. Met Kevin in Pittsburgh. It was a brief meeting but I was able to thank him, get his autograph, shake his hand and give him a donation for JWR. I will never forget how lucky and how blessed I was that day!"
Anything else you want to tell: I'm just about the most sensitive person you'll ever meet. I cry at TV commercials. I have a really wacked out sense of humor & miss my days doing improv. I love doing TaeBo and eating brownies (not simultaneously). I love to shop & spend money in general. I am VERY spiritual but not religious. I love to make other people happy and a psychic
once told me that I was put on this earth to help other people out with their lives.

Kev & Peg


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