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First name:Lyanne
Lite Chat Screen name:Lyanne70
Location:Central Canada (Manitoba)
Family:Not married, there is no one special and Iím not really looking right now either.I do have my Mom, and two older sisters with kids.
Children:None but my niece and 3 nephews make up for it, sometimes.
Favorite BSB:Nicky, the Kaos Man ;)
Favorite BSB song:Hmm, It depends on my mood; SOMH, I Need You Tonight, and GAB are at the top of the lists though.
Ever had a BSB encounter?:If I was smart 4 years ago I would have joined the crazy people at a shopping mall to meet them.But I really wasnít interested back then.I did meet A.J. and Howie in Denver during the B&B tour, October 2001.I saw Nick in passing twice and had a Kevy moment at the concert there. I still hope to meet Nick and the others.
Anything else you'd like us to know about you?:Iím a neat organization freak and love BSB, Star Wars, Highlander, and Buffy!Oh and Sex in the City too!Iím also addicted to BSB chats at MFC and OLFC, and I like to stop in here when I can!Go Figure!I love the atmosphere at BSB Lite and Iím half way to my goal weight.I did most of it through Weight Watchers but it is getting expensive and I enjoy all of my friends here!So I jumped ship there and stayed here.I know that together with all the wonderful support here we can loose the unwanted pounds!

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