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First name:  Laura
Lite Chat Screen name:  MissBB74
Location:  Chicago, IL
Family:  No significant other…just me….sigh….if only it could be more.  (And only if Howie would ask me to marry him…HAHA!!!)
Children:  None
Pets:  None
Favorite BSB:  Kevin and HOWIE (OKAY, SO I HAVE LIKED Howie for awhile now but actually getting to meet him and see him up close and in person…that man is GORGEOUS!…I have a major fixation…just ask Martii!)
Favorite BSB song:  I can’t choose just one..like I always say, making me choose a fave BSB song is like making a mother choose her favorite child…but let’s just give at least one from each album.  I’ll Never Break Your Heart & As Long As You Love Me from the first one.  The Perfect Fan & Back To Your Heart from Millennium.  Time & How Did I Fall In Love With You from Black & Blue (okay so I gave two, sue me!…LOL)
Ever had a BSB encounter?:  Finally I can say YES, YES, YES, to this question!  I saw A.J. hanging out his bus window when he was in Chicago for the JNN show back in April 2000, and I saw Howie outside the venue (and he touched my hand!  Swoon!)  when they were just here Feb. 12th and 13th.  Martii (who you should know) won passes to the fan press conference and she took me with her, (I will never be able to thank her enough for that)  It was one of the best days of my life because I finally got to tell Brian (well, Martii told him) about my heart condition and he talked to me!!!  Just the look of concern on his face as he was asking me more questions about my condition is BURNED in my brain.  I will NEVER forget it!  I still want to cry when I think about that experience…I bawled after it was over, once we got back to the car.  (Once again Martii can attest to that =)
Anything else you'd like us to know about you?:  Hmmm…well….I may seem a little shy at first when you meet me, but once I get to know you better I open up.  I love pop musing in general…my dream is to work in the music industry but that will never happen!  I work in the advertising/print media (newspapers) industry.  I am SO glad to be a part of this.  You guys are the greatest group of people and without you guys I don’t think I could ever do this.

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