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First name: Kathy
Lite Chat Screen name: mkw30
Location: Conway, AK
Family: Just me
Children: Not yet
Pets: I'm looking for a grey fluffy kitten with blue eyes. I haven't found him/her yet.
Favorite BSB: Nick - well duh!
Favorite BSB song: Today? It is Get Another Boyfriend. I'm still working on "diamonds, pearls, and party dresses..." Almost got it! But, fav of all time has got to be As Long As You love Me and All I Have to Give. Oh wait, I can't forge I Want It That Way! That song still gives me chills when I hear it!
Ever had a BSB encounter?: Not yet. Positive thoughts brings positive results, though! Right, ladies?!
Anything else you'd like us to know about you?: I found BSB at a really hard time in my life. My mom had passed away just a couple months before. I guess BSB gave me something else to obsess over?! Those 5 guys will never know how they helped me get through all that. My friends think I'm crazy and I'm completely OK with that!

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