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Jerri and her sister! Jerri is wearing the MFC jersey.

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First name: Jerri
Lite Chat Screen name: Jonnia, ChoirboysGirl, Herri (long story on that one)
Location: Michigan
Family: Mom, sis, brother, niece 3.5 yrs and nephew 1 yr
Children: just my 'part-time kids' (the ones I can give back lol) see above
Pets: None
Favorite BSB: The HULK :)......oh wait you said BSB...I would have to say the one and only Choirboy Brian!!
Favorite BSB song: More Than That especially in person!
Ever had a BSB encounter?: some close calls and one real encounter where I got to go a little one on one with the Choirboy......and get your minds out of the gutter I'm talking basketball here........he is a married man ya know!!!
Anything else you'd like us to know about you?: in a couple of months I'll finally be an 'adult' when I hit the big 3-0. Also I lost 40 pds being part of this group.....right now I have gained some of it back (temporary lasp in remembering weight loss is a lifetime change) but I'm working on losing it again.

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