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First name: Jenny
                         Lite Screen name: Droopymom
       Location: Tampa, FL
       Family: Married to Neil since April 1996.       He's a pc technician and works for the city.
       Children: 2 boys: Tommy and Christopher,  and a daughter Emily
       Pets: Patches (peekapoo) Chrissie (lab/chow mix-translation med. size        white dog with a big black tongue!       LOL) 5 cats (BB, KC, Phil, Lil, and Angelica) 2 fish tanks.
       Favorite BSB: Nick Carter and Brian Littrell. Although I obsess strictly over Nick. :)
       Favorite BSB song: I can't pick just one. It changes constantly.       I love em        all. Anywhere for You was my 1st. favorite though. Does that count?
       Ever had a BSB encounter?: Don't       I wish!!! (Yes I do..LOL)
       Anything else you'd like us to know about you?: I'm a stay at home       mommy. I'm beyond close to my family and the Lite 5 are some of my       bestest        friends.:) I'm a total sports       freak. If it's a Tampa team, you can bet I'm into it. LOL The Lightning and Bucs are my       favorites!
Jenny (I'm the one with the glasses) and     Emma before the Johnny No Name concert in Orlando.
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