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First name:Jeanne
Lite Chat Screen name:Jaluna
Location:Middletown, CT
Family:UM...you mean like parents and brothers and sisters?I have two parents, Fin and Kathy; one brother, Bill; and one sister, Clarie LOL
Children:Son, Craig, 20...almost 21
Favorite BSB:Nicky, with Kevin a close second.
Favorite BSB song:10,000 Promises, but Iím totally loving Drowning!
Ever had a BSB encounter?:I got to hug Nick and Howie in Kansas City.Uh along with about 300 other women at a Lupus fundraiser after the concert.
Anything else you'd like us to know about you?: Hmmmm, nothing that interesting about me really... This is my first year of BSB mania.I saw the boys in person for the very first time in NYC at the Hudson Theatre with all my MFC sisters and I couldnít get enough of them.I have now gone to 12 concerts this year...would have been 15 if I had gone out to California as planned...LOL.I completely lost my marbles, but it was so much fun!

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