The Second Annual Backstreet Lite Fan Fic Awards


Backstreet Lite was formed just under three years ago. The group was formed
with a common interest for the love of
the Backstreet Boys as well as losing
weight. As time has gone by, we have grown by leaps and bounds. We've
dieted together, fell off the wagon together, and vacationed together. We have
made some everlasting friendships.

The majority of us also share another common interest, BACKSTREET FAN
FICS! We devour fan fics, trade links, and annoy authors with feedback! We
read anything we can get our hands on and have been known to discuss many
of the stories. We have chased down links, followed stories, and begged for
updates. Some of us have even turned to writing for an outlet and for the Lites.

We search high and low for new links, sites, and authors. We are always looking
for new stuff to post and pass around.

Therefore, last August, we decided to do a BSB Lite Award Site. We have all
seen them and we love them because you can always find new material to read
along with the old stand-bys.

We had such a great time doing this last year and we discovered many new
authors, we decided to do it again. Our awards are set up a bit differently than
others.There will be three Lites judging each story. After we finish, only five
of the 34 categories will be put up for public voting. We are taking every measure
to make this as fair as possible.
So, please feel free to nominate your favorite
author and enjoy the fun! Authors please feel free to nominate your own writings.

All Lites are disqualified from entering. Let's face it, we've seen the 'Let's Win
Our Own Award Sites'. People run the sites to benefit themselves and lo and
behold they win, isn't that amazing. In our eyes, it is deemed tacky.

Time Line-  Important Dates for Season Two

Nominations will be accepted from June 15th, 2003 until July 15th, 2003
or until a category is full.

Judging by the Lites will begin July 16th, 2003 and continue until
August 28th, 2003

Public voting will begin August 29th, 2003. Only five categories will be voted
on by the public this year. They are the following categories- Reader's Choice-
Readers' Choice- Unfinished, which are not judged. Best Fan Fic Site,
Best Unknown Author, and Best Known Author will be judged and the top
seven in each category will be put up for voting.

Winners will be announced the week of September 10th. Banners will be
provided the following week for all winners.