1. Backstreet Lite members are disqualified from entering automatically.

2. It has to contain a Backstreet Boy.

3. Nominations are limited to three stories per author and two per category. (We
    want variety as well as quality.) Categories are- Form, Genre, Boys Stories,
    Characters, Scenes, and Other. Reader's Choice does not count towards
    the two per category limit.

4. Stories do not have to be complete but at least enough of the story plot has to
    be posted in order to be judged. The two categories that are exempt are the
    Reader's Choice-Finished Story and Unfinished Story.

5. The link to the story must be maintained throughout the process.

6. At least five stories have to be nominated in each category to maintain the
    category for judging.

7. Categories are limited to twenty entries, sorry but it would take forever.
    One exception!! The series category will be
     limited to fifteen entries for Season Two.

8. There will be three judges on each panel for all categories.

9. If you won a category last season please do not submit the same story
    for the same category this season.

10. There will be a judges award given for each category.

11. The following five categories will be put up for public vote: Reader's Choice
       Finished, Reader's Choice Unfinished, which are not judged. Judging
       will take place on the following categories: Best Fan Fic Site, Best Unknown
       Author, and Best Author. The top seven in each of these categories will
       be put up for vote.


Contact us if you are unsure.