Best Form

1. Best Novel- 15 or more Chapters

2. Best Novella- 6 to 14 Chapters

2. Best Short Story- 5 or less Chapters

3. Best Visual- A visual, not a story!

4. Best Series- 1 story and at least one sequel

5. Reader's Choice- Finished. (This is category will not be judged.)

6. Reader's Choice- Unfinished. (This is category will not be judged.)

7. Best Overall Story


1. Best Comedy

2. Best Action/Adventure

3. Best Drama

4. Best Romance

5. Best Tearjerker/Tragedy

6. Best Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

7. Best Slash

8. Most Unique Story

The Boys Stories

1. Best A.J.

2. Best Brian

3. Best Howie

4. Best Kevin

5. Best Nick

6. Best Combo- Two or more Boys

7. Best Group- All the Boys

Characters- Info to include when you nominate- Story, Author, and Character's names.

1. Best Couple

2. Best character you love to HATE

3. Best character you love to LOVE

Scenes- Info to include when you nominate- Story, Author, chapter, particular page,or section. We need specifics and a URL.

1. Best Fight Scene- "Rock'em, Sock'em."

2. Best Kiss- "Lay it on me."

3. The Best Sex Scene- The "OMG I didn't think a Backstreet Boy could do that!"

4. The Heartbreaker- The "I think I'm going to cry now."

5. The Funniest Scene- The "You laughed so loud, your family heard you."

6. The Best Ending- Should we laugh or should we cry.


1. The Best Fan Fic Site

2. The Best Unknown Author- If you have won this kind of award from another
     fanfic award site you are disqualified. This is to give the newbies a chance.

3. The Best Known Author

Contact us if you are unsure or confused