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First name: Emma
                         Lite Chat Screen name: bravegrl
       Location: Sebring FL
       Family: Not married
       Children: None
       Pets: Jovi- 5yr old Shih-Tzu & Baby- Cranky old house cat that just       showed up about 10 years ago and moved in!
       Favorite BSB: Kevin Richardson
       Favorite BSB song: As Long As You Love Me
       Ever had a BSB encounter?: Yes, A.J. Nick and Howie.
       Anything else you'd like us to know about you?: I'm 30 years old and the       Head Bookkeeper for a local supermarket. My other hobby is Atlanta Braves       baseball. Never miss a game on tv and I spend several days in March every       year at Disney for Spring Training.
Emma at Tabu.
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