Time to meet Debbie!
The women who started it all: Kel and Deb-in left pic:
Kellye, Deb, Sel, Emma and Jenny in right pic
Selena's and Deb's matching tattoo!
Rosebud with Kaos as the stem!!
Founding member and L5
Also known as
First name: Debbie
Location: Ohio
       Family: My kids, Ashleigh, 15 years and Danny 10 years old 
       Pets: I have 3 cats -CK and KC,and  Jake,
       Fave BSB: None other than Howie
       Fave BSB song: Don't want to lose you now /More than that (tied)
       Ever had a BSB encounter:  YES  I got to meet Howie in Chicago- I would love to tell you about it but I remember nothing! 
       Anything else you want to tell: I have lost 54 pounds since joining Backstreet  Lite and have never felt better! 
Some of the Lite Divas in Dallas! 
The Goddess
(that is what the sticker says anyway!)
Deb with her 2 beautiful children. Ashleigh   
and Danny.

Kellye, Suzie and Tracy-far left
Selena and Pam-immediate left


Far left:
Peg (with Kevy Kev!)

Immediate left:
Jerri (on right) with sister
Backstreet Lite
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