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First name:†Deb
Lite Chat Screen name:
Howiesbabyus or Deb 2
Family:†I live by myself, but my mom, sis (lives is
Washington DC), brother and nephew are around, too.

Children:None of my own. I have baybsat for 2
little boys since Jack was 1 year and he is almost 7. Charlie is 5.
Favorite BSB:†Howie
Favorite BSB song:Drowning and WMYDMYB
Ever had a BSB encounter?:†I Wish
Anything else you'd like us to know about you?:†I have been with the Lites since December and I thank God for them every day! I am glad I have met you all and love the supporrt you all give! Plus, sharing our like of the boys (excue me, MEN) is a definite bonus!

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