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Cathlina's Member Profile
First Name: Cathlina
Lite Chat: CATTX
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Family: 2 of the most beautiful boys in the world. Robert is 6 and totally handsome. Anthony who is also my BLACK AND BLUE baby is 2 years old. I was in labor with Anthony the day Black and Blue was released and the first thing I wanted to do before anything was pick up my copy! Then after getting to the hospital, the first thing I said to my then husband was that I was bummed because I did not get to listen to the damn CD!
Favorite BSB: Howie with Nick in a close second.
Favorite BSB Song: How Did I Fall in Love With You!
Ever had a BSB encounter? No, Howie STILL won't give me the key to his house!!
Anything else you'd like to tell us: I guess you can say that I'm the resident REBEL, TROUBLEMAKER (good trouble of course!), FUNNY GIRL and TISSUE DANCER!
I have problems eating buffalo wings...There's a certain video floating out there with me singing with a GIANT buffalo wing stain on my shirt. I've shown a few ladies of Lite the dark side by introducing them to a particular stripper at an establishment so if you mention the words LAP DANCE, CHAP SLAPPED, TONGUE or NIPPLE RINGS to Jaime, Tonya or Caren...They'll probably get a goofy smile on their face!

Ive had the honor of being a lite for almost 2 years and have made some very strong bonds with these ladies. Some of us have hung out in Dallas for the concert and also hung out in Orlando. I'm on the phone with at least 1 of them daily talking about anything and everything!

Right now I work full time as an Admin. Assistant at a middle-market automobile finance company and also part time as an independent AVON rep. I have taken up the hobby of knitting and have not finished my 1st project yet, but it will be interesting once its DONE!!