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First name:Bernadette
Lite Chat Screen name:Bunny
Location:Battle Creek, MI
Children:Two children.I have a 14 yr. Old daughter named Rachel and a 16 yr. Old son named Tim.
Pets:1 Cat named Skittles
Favorite BSB:Howie D- Who else could it be?
Favorite BSB song:Today itís Spanish Eyes. It changes from day to day!
Ever had a BSB encounter?:Only from the middle of a stadium. Oh well, thereís always tomorrow!
Anything else you'd like us to know about you?:My daughter got me hooked on BSB.Now she watches me as I post on the MB!I work in the finance department of a non-profit agency.I sing in my church choir.I love to sing, read, do cross stitch, and listen to my favorite boys!

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