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Andrea in the blue jersey with her friend Carol Ann!

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First name:† Andrea
Lite Chat Screen name:† Crazy4AJ
Location:† Birmingham, AL
Family:† I am single but I have my mom, dad, sister, and brother-in-law, and both of my grandmothers.
Children:† My niece Caroline
Pets:† six cats named Cindy, George, Amanda, Abbey, Callie, and Cosmo.
Favorite BSB:† If you havenít guessed by now itís AJ McLean.
Favorite BSB song:† Itís hard to pick just one.† The first song I ever heard by them was Everybody and then Iíll Never Break Your Heart so those two will always be my favorites.† I love the entire Black & Blue album.
Ever had a BSB encounter?:† Does in my dreams count.† Seriously, not yet but I am hopeful that its just a matter of time.
Anything else you'd like us to know about you?:† I love college football and my favorite team is the University of Alabama.† My dad and I have season tickets.

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